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Early video: The start of a two day long factory fire in Bridgeport, CT.

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Above is more than 16 minutes of what appears to be video of the initial attack on last week’s fire at a block long factory building on Hancock Avenue at Railroad Avenue in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Firefighters ended up pumping water into the structure for more than two days. Later video and TV news coverage is below.

Connecticut Post:

For almost two days beginning Thursday night, firefighters shot steady  streams of water into the burning building.

“You’ve got to give these guys a lot of credit,” Fossesigurani said. “Not  only were they battling a stubborn blaze with heavy, acidic smoke, but they had  to deal with the hot temperatures we had outside and then the heavy rain that  followed. Our guys took a real beating.”

Firefighters were kept outside battling the blaze because of  structural collapses.


Firefighters remained at the Nest Arts Factory on Friday morning as smoke continued to billow. Officials expect the smoldering to continue through the weekend. 

Assistant Fire Chief Ismael Pomales said it appears an accelerant was used because of how big the fire was when firefighters arrived Thursday evening. He also says youths apparently hang around the building because of the graffiti there.

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