Alabama firefighter dies saving her grandson. Anderson FD’s Beth Childers handed boy through window but she didn’t make it out.

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The fire broke out at the home of two volunteer firefighters early Wednesday morning at their home on County Road 50.

Investigators said a man woke to find his house fully engulfed. He was able to get out with his 17-year-old daughter while his wife, 42-year-old Beth Childers, went back in to save their 2-year-old grandson.

“We lost her as a hero saving her own grandson,” said (Anderson Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department) Assistant Fire Chief John White. “It’s been tough, a real tough morning losing one of our own members, and the way we lost her.”


“She went to the back of the house, to the bedroom window where the grandson was at and made entry through a window,” said Chief White. “She then handed the child out to her 17-year-old daughter.”

42-year-old Beth Childers died saving her 2-year-old grandson’s life.

Anderson fire fighters say Childers fearlessly put herself in harm’s way.


Wigginton says Scott Childers, who is also a volunteer firefighter, ran back into the house twice looking for his wife, but was unable to find her before the heat and smoke forced him back outside. Firefighters from Rogersville, Lexington and Elgin assisted Anderson with the call. Beth Childer’s body wasn’t discovered until firefighters brought the flames under control.  

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