UPDATED – Listen to fire, EMS & police as they arrive on scene at Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre.

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More live TV coverage

More radio traffic at Alertpage Inc.

Listen to first 30 minutes of Aurora PD radio traffic only

Listen to first 30 minutes of Aurora FD radio traffic only

As I am sure most of you know by now there was a mass shooting early this morning at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado that left at least 14 12 people dead and 50 38 injured.

Above is a combination of the initial radio traffic from both police and fire in Aurora. It comes from Radioman911.com. In addition there are seperate links to the first 30 minutes of the police and fire radio traffic. For additional fire and radio traffic from this incident check out Alertpage Inc.

Immediately below is live coverage from KUSA-TV.

Below is early cell phone video shot as people fled the theater.


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