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‘Is this your first fire?’ Upset owner yells at firefighters handling ’69 Camaro burning in trailer.

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Quite a scene Saturday afternoon at Northwest Highway and Walnut Street in Arlington Heights, Illinois as distraught owners of a burning 1969 Chevy Camaro take out their frustrations on arriving firefighters. A man and a woman with the vehicle are heard and seen on the video shot by ArlingtonCardinal.com screaming at firefighters, “Oh, my God!” and “Water!”. The woman then yells, “Is this your first fire?”.  The firefighters are off camera during this but are first seen around :40 into the video advancing a line to the fire.

The car was a show car that caught fire while being trailered home after being on display at a car show at a local high school.


A witness driving behind the trailer said that the owner noticed possible smoke, but thought it was road dust at first, somewhere between Vail Avenue and Walnut/Ridge Avenue on westbound Northwest Highway. When the driver smelled smoke, he stopped and saw heavier white smoke coming out of the trailer. The back door of the trailer was open when firefighters arrived. The vehicle became fully-involved with flames as firefighters connected to the hydrant and charged the line. The fire was extinguished within about five minutes.

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