Ex-chief tells council to ‘stick it where the sun don’t shine’. Declines Bangor, PA’s title of chief emeritus.

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In Bangor, Pennsylvania (Northampton County), former fire chief Robert Owens has told The Express-Times’ Andrew George the Bangor Borough Council “can stick it where the sun don’t shine”. Chief Owens was reacting to council members voting to name Owens “chief emeritus”. Owens resigned as chief of the volunteer department on August 1 after he says the council questioned his ability and the ability of others to perform their duties. The former chief told reporter George they were meddling in the department’s affairs.

More from The Express-Times:

Owens previously said a council member instructed him not to seek another term as  fire chief  because of his age and declining health. Council president Catherine Allen said Monday that council asked  him to provide a medical release after a recent health complication, but  instead received his resignation.

Jon Holcombe, a former fire chief in Hamilton Township, N.J., who serves  as vice president of the Eastern Division of the International  Association of Fire Chiefs, which represents Pennsylvania, said that  while firefighting is generally “pretty intense,” it’s tough to mandate  retirement because workloads and personal tolerances are often  different.

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