‘I’m Salty & I Know It’: A music video from the folks who brought you ‘My Knee Hurts Now’.

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Watch “My Knee Hurts Now”

For some reason my first attempt at posting this just vanished into the digital wasteland. Here’s attempt number two.

“This is “I’m Salty And I Know It”, a new video from Firefighter Brent Fenton and Plugs and Hoses Records. You may recall that these are the people who produced the popular satire a-year-ago on 911 abusers called “My Knee Hurts Now.” Despite it having a troubled start due to some local hard feelings, “My Knee Hurts Now” has more than 157,000 views.

Here’s how Brent describes the latest video:

Everybody has those salty dogs, or the guys with two years on who think they are salty.  This is a tribute to all the “Salty Dogs” out there.  You do not have to look far to find comedy in the fire station.  I hope everyone can laugh at themselves, and enjoy the video.  Stay safe my friends. 

Click here for the lyrics.

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