Berlin Fire Department tells its story. Posts details of claim defunding by town is control issue & not sexual harassment.

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On Tuesday, linked and excerpted news coverage of a dispute between town officials in Berlin on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and the Berlin Fire Department. On Tuesday, the Mayor and Council of the Town of Berlin voted to cut ties with the department and cease providing funds. The loss is about $600,000 or a third of the fire company’s budget. Town officials cited continued harassment of career EMS workers and the fire department’s stance that it was the sole employer of the EMS crews.

The Berlin Fire Department denies that the real issue concerns allegations homosexual slurs were used against an EMS worker and instead made the case Tuesday through its attorney that this was an issue of the town wanting to have full control over the EMS crews.

Both the town and the fire department have posted detailed statements about the positions staked out in this battle. The town’s comes in the form of the press release sent out on Tuesday that is now posted on the Town of Berlin website. The Berlin Fire Department has a document titled “Setting the Record Straight” that you can read here or on the department’s website.

Berlin Fire Department: Setting the Record Straight

Town of Berlin press release

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