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Caught on video: A different kind of black eye for Detroit FD. TV station looks at claims off-duty firefighter punched two women & cops went easy on him.

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WXYZ-TV reporter Scott Lewis is promoting a story that is scheduled to run on Thursday at 6:00 PM that is bringing more bad publicity to the Detroit Fire Department. This time it’s not the administration under scrutiny but the actions of a firefighter.

The incident is almost two-years-old and it occurred outside a bar while the firefighter was off-duty. But what will make this interesting is the video of the assault and the claim from the women that police refused to take a report.

The firefighter, who Lewis says denies throwing the punches, is described as a 275-pound body builder who stands more than a foot taller than the tallest of the two women.

And before someone else says it, yes, the reason the story is being promoted and scheduled to run Thursday evening is because that also happens to be the start of the November “sweeps” TV rating period.

Here’s more from Scott Lewis:

They say they were viciously punched outside of a Hamtramck bar on Pazcki day in 2011. The women say they’ve never been the same. Both went down hard to the pavement and they say they are still under doctor’s care.

The man, who pummeled them, they say, was an off-duty Detroit firefighter. He denies it, but the women say – and one witness confirms – that the police went easy on the firefighter because of his position.

The two women came to the 7 Action News Investigators looking for justice. They want to send a message that’s it’s not okay for a man to punch a woman.

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