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UPDATE Hurricane Sandy: Live video of crane collapse at Manhattan high-rise. FDNY second alarm. Listen live.

CBS 2 image.

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More views of crane collapse

Listen live to Manhattan fire alarm

FDNY Incidents on Facebook reports a 2nd Alarm for this incident at 157 W 57th Street and has additional pictures.

Listening to FDNY, you will hear reports of other crane issues following the collapse on W. 57th Street. I am guessing it has made people a bit nervous. There are also a number of reports of scaffolding collapses in Manhattan.

Below is live video of the crane from WNBC-TV.

View more videos at: http://nbcnewyork.com.


A crane has partially collapsed at 157 W 57th Street near Carnegie Hall. Authorities are concerned that it may now plummet to the street.

The incident began around 2:30 p.m. No reports of injuries at this time. Construction in New York has been suspended for the storm so it is unclear if anyone would have been on the job site.

Officials say there is not much they can do about the crane as it dangles from the 65-story building.   They are keeping people far away from the area just in case the crane plunges to the ground.


The top of the 75-foot high crane could be seen dangling down from the high-rise, which is under construction.

So far, no word of any injuries. 

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