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Hurricane Sandy – Wind, Water & Fire: Must see videos as the the crane folds, structures crumble, trees topple & buildings burn.

This video above is my favorite so far. It appears to have been taken somewhere in New York State. A teenager happened to be shooting from his front window when three trees came tumbling down, taking power lines with it and starting a fire on the street.

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More storm coverage from Firegeezer.com

My hats off to all those who responded and are still responding to storm related calls. Word from Connecticut is that one firefighter was killed during a storm response. FireCritic.com and Firefighter Close Calls have initial details about the death of an Easton VFC firefighter who was apparently struck by a tree.

Much of the afternoon and evening we followed the story of the construction crane that collapsed at 157 West 57th Street in Manhattan. The FDNY response went to four-alarms. Quite a few buildings were evacuated as the crane dangled over Midtown. The clip above shows the moment the wind takes hold of the crane and bends it.

Watch closely on the video above. It’s a little more subtle. FDNY was already on the scene when a gust of wind (at about :40) brings the front of this building down onto the sidewalk at 15th Street & 8th Avenue.

The video above is a fire at the Ocean Gate Market & Deli in Ocean Gate, New Jersey. From WOBM.com:

Mayor Paul Kennedy said it was a perfect storm of its own. “The power went out around 10 AM,” he told us. “That hampered our ability to pump water. Firefighters began drafting water out of Barnegat Bay.”

Click here for more video from the fire.

A wind swept small structure fire in Haverford Township, Pennsylvania

In the video above a Con Ed facility lights up during the storm.

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