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Raw video: Detroit house fire with evacuation order. Plus more Detroit videos.

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Video from Ian Duke at  of a house fire at Ivanhoe & Ironwood in Detroit around 11:00 on Halloween night. At about 6:00 into the video the order comes to switch to defensive operations. According to Ian, Engine 39 was dispatched on a still alarm and soon requested help. Here’s an excerpt of the description with the video:

Aware of another raging inferno in a vacant dwelling just two blocks away, the situation was dire with companies coming from a distance. “It’s gonna be a while before anybody gets here” exclaimed one of the firefighters while preparing to make entry with a charged line.

Reinforcements finally arrived with Engine 40, Ladder 22, and Squad 5. One additional company was requested for RIT (Engine 17) following the arrival of Chief 5.

As the fire began to burn throughout the second floor and attic, crews were ordered out and the operation went defensive.  

Below is another video from Detroit. This fire from  was on Thursday at McClellan and Schiller.

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