Must see dash-cam video: Lawsuit after WI police officer chases volunteer firefighter responding to firehouse. FF claims excessive force when gun is pointed at him during traffic stop.

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Brooklyn, Wisconsin volunteer firefighter Dan Dean has filed a $50,000 lawsuit against the Village of Oregon claiming excessive force after a police officer held a gun to Dean’s head during a traffic stop as Dean responded to the firehouse for a call.

Doug Erickson, Wisonsin State Journal:

Brooklyn volunteer firefighter Dan Dean, 37, alleges Oregon police officer Ted Gilbertson overreacted when Gilbertson drew his gun and held it near Dean’s head during a June traffic stop in the Brooklyn Fire Station parking lot.

Dean had just sped to the station in his private vehicle after being paged. Gilbertson had begun pursuing him several miles out, apparently in response to an earlier call elsewhere in the county of a motorist possibly impersonating a police officer. Both Dean and Gilbertson were using lights and sirens.

The department’s internal investigation cleared officer Gilbertson of any wrongdoing and accused Dean of recklessly responding to a non-emergency.

Dean was cited for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. He is contesting the ticket.

The call ended up being a refrigerator fire.

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