Dash-cam video: Firefighters ambushed in UK. Thugs were waiting for them as they handled trash can fires.

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Above are interviews with firefighters from Manchester, England who were attacked on Sunday while dealing with two trash fires. It is not uncommon in the U.K. for firefighters to be lured into such traps by young thugs. At the bottom of the post is the raw video from the dash-cam.

Dean Wilkins, Mancunian Matters:

Crews from Heywood Fire Station, Rochdale, were despatched on one of the busiest nights of the year to two wheelie bin fires on Deeplish Road at around 5.08pm yesterday.

The bins had been ignited by thugs who waited for the firefighters – after they extinguished the blaze, the team saw the group of hooded youths waiting for them and decided to reverse dowm the orad rather than drive towards them.

But as their engine backed up, the group pounced on them and threw bricks at the window – one violent yob comes just yards away from the vehicle and launches a missile at it, smashing the windscreen and rendering it useless for the night.

Steve White, Mirror News:

The crew, from Heywood, near Manchester, were said to have been left “extremely shaken” but unhurt.

The engine had to be taken off the road for repair work to “severe” damage.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Peter O’Reilly added: “This is the busiest time of year for our crews and the community expects us to be on call for bonfire and all other incidents – because of these irresponsible actions, this has now had an impact on our resources. 

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