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Mayday update & raw video: Watch removal of Marshfield, MA firefighter after collapse at Scituate house fire. New details on Lt. Joseph Kalinowski’s condition.

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The video above shows the removal of Marshfield Fire Department Lt. Joseph Kalinowski following a structural collapse while fighting fire in a burning home on Side D of the original fire building on Central Avenue in Scituate, Massachusetts. It’s one of  a number of clips shot by neighbor at the fire early this morning and posted to YouTube (some of the videos shot before and after the one above are at the bottom of this post).  

The initial reporting today indicated that Lt. Kalinowski was trapped in the rubble of 326 Central Avenue in the Humarock neighborhood where the fire was first reported at 1:34 AM. Additional reporting by Mary Jane Hanron at Gatehouse News Service has a follow-up interview with Marshfield Chief Kevin Robinson that provides new information and jibes with what we see in the video above:

All Marshfield apparatus were involved with attacking the fire in the central building and a home to the right.

At 2:34 a.m. Kalinowski was one of a crew of Scituate and Marshfield firefighters entering the second floor of the right side exposure building, according to Robinson. There was a significant structural failure, he said that knocked all four firefighters down and trapped Kalinowski under the burning debris. An immediate mayday report was given and the crews went to work to rescue the injured firefighter. Robinson said the rescue was completed at 2:46 a.m.

“It was only 11 minutes but it felt like a lifetime,” Robinson said Tuesday morning. By 3:20 a.m. was on a medflight to Mass General for additional evaluation and treatment.

In addition, Hanron reports Lt. Kalinowski has no respiratory injuries or apparent fractures, but did suffer burns to his back and neck.

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