Homeowner on green line tasered by police. Pinellas Park, FL cops say they were trying to prevent man from getting hurt.

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In Florida, Pinellas Park Police say they were just trying to protect a homeowner when an officer tasered Daniel Jensen last Thursday. Police say Jensen was putting himself and the officers in danger by failing to follow the orders of law enforcement and instead grabbing a garden hose trying to prevent the fire at his neighbor’s house from spreading to his own.

As you will see in the videos above and below, Daniel Jensen and a number of his neighbors think the cops were wrong. Police Captain Sanfield Forseth told reporters they could have charged Jensen with obstruction but did not.

Isabel Mascarenas, WTSP-TV:

Daniel Jensen wasn’t running from the law, he was trying to protect his home from burning up. Yet, Pinellas Park Police tasered him in the process. Jensen and his attorney say it’s an excessive use of force.

Jensen was still shaken and visibly emotional as he retold what happened last Thursday evening.

He said being tasered by police has not only impacted him, but it also impacted his children- who saw it all happen.

He described the Pinellas Park Police officers actions as “brutal; he said they showed “no compassion.”

“All I remember is laying in water being electrocuted for saving my home,” said jensen.

Burns on Daniel Jensen’s body four-days later mark where police tasered him. He says they tasered him as he was doing what any father and husband would do protect his family’s home from an out of control grease fire.

Kameel Stanley, Tampa Bay Times:

Police ordered Jensen to get back, and he complied.

But after a few minutes passed without firefighters arriving, a frustrated Jensen stepped forward and leaned down to grab the skinny gray garden hose once again.

That’s when he heard the order.

“Hit ’em! Take him down! Tase him!”

Within moments, Jensen was on the ground. He felt electric.

“It was all over me,” Jensen said. “Crawling all over me.”