Must see video: SUV hits fire truck & overturns during live TV traffic report in Houston, TX.

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Having had the experience quite a few times of working with Chroma-key and live traffic cameras I sympathize with KPRC-TV traffic reporter Jennifer Reyna. Reyna is only seeing what the viewers see on small monitors off to the side and on the studio camera, not the big picture seen by the television audience. So don’t be too hard on her for missing what is obvious to us in her live report at 6:31 this morning about traffic on 288 in Houston.

As she was finishing the report and telling us that fire trucks were just leaving a wreck that had slowed traffic, a vehicle hit one of the fire trucks and overturned. Here’s how KPRC-TV described the scene:

A vehicle was traveling northbound on 288 when it tried to swerve around a fire truck at the interchange of Highways 59 and 45 near downtown Houston at 6:30 a.m. The vehicle hit an SUV, which crashed into a fire truck. The fire truck was leaving the scene of another minor accident on the right shoulder when it was hit. The SUV rolled over several times and crashed. 

So far I have found no information on injuries or other details about the crash.