Fire chief, police chief & town lawyer show up at arrested firefighter’s home. An unusual attempt to hold a disciplinary hearing in Johnston, RI.

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Firefighter David Lashus has been on TV and in the papers in recent days but yesterday’s story will likely be the most memorable one of this week of news coverage. A TV camera was rolling as the fire chief, police chief and town lawyer in Johnston, Rhode Island showed up at Lashus’ home in an attempt to hold a disciplinary hearing over his employment status. The town officials were prepared to have the meeting in Lashus’ living room if needed.

David Lashus and his 21-year-old son were busted earlier in the week. Police say the son received a package of marijuana from California. According to investigators, this brought the discovery of 100 marijuana plants, lots of cash and guns inside the home. What really made headlines is that Firefighter Lashus has been off work for three years with pay due to an on the job back injury.

Brian Crandall, WJAR-TV:

Officials talked to Lashus through his window. Someone else inside recorded the conversation with a cellphone as Lashus stood in the background.

Lashus is on home confinement, and town officials tell NBC 10 they’ve been trying to hold a disciplinary hearing with him to get his side of the story before they potentially take action on his job status.

They said Lashus refused their offer to hold the hearing at his house Friday evening and that he also refused a ride to Town Hall to have it there.

The mayor is expected to decide Monday on the job-related punishment for Lashus.