Quick Takes: November 19, 2012.

Vacant commercial building crumbles during fire: Video from  of a fire Sunday at 5211 Chene Street in Detroit. According to the description with this video, “Firefighters elected to allow this building to burn it’s self out in hopes that it would no longer be a danger to the public.” Firefighters spotted the fire while cleaning up from another fire in the neighborhood. More video here.

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Taken the disciplinary process on the road: To me the most unusual story in recent days is from Johnston, Rhode Island where the fire chief, police chief and town lawyer showed up at a firefighter’s home attempting to conduct a disciplinary hearing. The firefighter has been on paid leave due to an on-the-job injury for quite a while and was arrested last week because police say marijuana was growing in his home. Here’s the story.

FDNY firefighter tells NY Post he is being ostracized because he’s a vegetarian: Another interesting one. FDNY spokesman says Anthony Harper’s claims “are nonsense.” Harper says his problems began when he stopped taking part in firehouse meals two-years-ago. Check it out.

More from NY – 911 Center problems during Sandy: The New York Post again. This time taking on New York’s 911 Center’s handling of Sandy. The article says “911 calls rang and rang unanswered or were greeted by woefully unprepared operators” and “dispatchers from the police, fire and ambulance services feuded with one another.” Here’s more.

Airborne car flies into firehouse: And did a number to the front of the station. Here’s the story from East Pembroke, New York.

Six injured in two-alarm Detroit apartment fire: We have early video from this fire on Friday afternoon.

Raw video from Syracuse, NY: Andrew Sauve’s clips from a house fire early Saturday morning made it to STATter911.com and have been posted.

Four-alarms in Madison, NJ: Lots of fire in an apartment building on Saturday morning and lots of video.

Injured firefighters jump in to help crash victims: Despite their own injuries after a car crashed head-on into their fire truck, three Lake St. Louis, Missouri firefighters immediately jumped into to start extrication. Glenn Usdin’s FireTruckBlog.com has the story. Glenn also has the story of a tanker that ran off the road returning from a call in South Berwick, Maine on Sunday. Firefighter may have had a medical problem. Click here.

Dubai high-rise burns quite spectacularly: Firgeezer Bill Schumm has this story of how the outer decorative layer on many Dubai high-rises creates these towering infernos.

Video & audio from Snyder, NY: Don Murtha III on the scene of a house fire Thursday night.

West Coast disciplinary process: Interesting column from FireLawBlog.com’s Curt Varone on LAFD’s disciplinary philosophy.

I admit I am way late on this update: FireCritic.com’s Rhett Fleitz took over the writing of IronFiremen.com for a post about 10-days-ago that brought us up to date on the latest troubles with the former fire chief for Buchanan VFD in Botetourt County, Virginia, Billy Joe Carter. He’s the one who ended up in court over threats against Captain Willie Wines Jr. who usually writes IronFiremen.com. According to the post, Carter was recently charged with rape. Click here for the latest.

VES on FDT: Vent, enter, search is the topic of the latest post at FirstDueTackle.com.

Tomorrow’s 34th Annual FDNY Turkey Trot 5k Race to help firefighters after Sandy:  Hosted by E-233 L-176 and Field Comm in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Queens, this year’s events will raise money for FDNY firefighters whose homes were destroyed or damaged by the hurricane. Here’s the Facebook page.

What goes around, comes around, but this time in a very good way: We keep hearing more and more stories of firefighters in Mississippi and Louisiana and other places hard hit by Hurricane Katrina showing up in New York and New Jersey to help out firefighters dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Here’s one of those stories from the New Jersey coast.

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