Raw video: Two-alarms for home converted to apartments in Fresno, CA. Firefighters rescue teen who ran back inside.

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Video from  of a fire yesterday afternoon in Downtown Fresno, California. Firefighters rescued a teenager who went back into the building at Van Ness and Voorman and collapsed because of smoke inhalation. He is reported to be doing fine now.

Airhorns sound at 8:43 in Part 1, above.

Rick Montanez, KFSN-TV:

The family living in the apartment didn’t want to talk on camera either. They told Action News they’re grateful they were not injured.

But their 19 year old cousin was. He ran out and told officials the fire started in his apartment.

“Then he returned to the apartment through the backdoor and succumbed, in the fire, to the smoke. Fire fighters then found him in the apartment unconscious,” Deputy Chief Tim Henry of the Fresno Fire Department said.

“It was not designed as a multi-family house. So the add-ons and the changes made it difficult to get to where the fire is at,” Henry said.  

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