Helmet-cam: Stockton, CA house fire.

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Christmas comes early for the STATter911.com KICs (keyboared incident commanders). It’s been a long dry spell for them. I believe June was the last time we posted a fire video from Stockton, California. Our KICs, as many of you know first hand, are very tough critics. But based on a few videos we’ve posted, they have been giving high marks for the suppression activities of the Stockton Fire Department. Will the trend continue?

This video, from at least two different cameras, shows fire in the garage of a single-family home. The clip was posted to YouTube on Wednesday but I couldn’t find the date or exact location of the fire.

Here’s some of the description with the video posted by :

An 1 ¾” liveline was pulled and attack was made from the interior door to the garage. Crews contained the fire to the garage, with minimal damage to the living area of the home. The video shows a liveline attacking the vehicle exposed by the fire, but was never used as an opposing hose stream.

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