Early pictures: Gresham, Oregon firefighters save man behind bars.

Pictures from Gresham Fire and Emergency Services photographer Greg Muhr.

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In Gresham, Oregon around 7:00 PM last night, Gresham Fire and Emergency Services photographer Greg Muhr captured a series of images as firefighters quickly rescued a man trapped behind bars in the bedroom of his mobile home.


Patrick Preston, KATU-TV:

According to Gresham Fire Battalion Chief Mark Maunder, the man was trying to save his cats and got trapped in a bedroom.

There was another person in the mobile home but that person ran out when the fire started. But the man who was rescued ran to his bedroom, and then couldn’t escape because of bars over the window. 

Firefighters placed an air mask on the man so he could breathe as he poked his head out of the barred window. Then firefighters used chainsaws with special blades to cut through the bottom of the bars. They pried them up and then pulled the man out. It took about 30 seconds.

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