Citizen instant analysis: ‘They could have put this $%#* out a long time ago man if they just used that %[email protected]!*ing hose’.

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This is an apartment fire from the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro on Montreal’s West Island. It was posted yesterday to YouTube, but I believe it occurred in March of 2011. The title on the video by  is “fire at my old building, never before seen footage! with commentary by me n waldo”. And it is that commentary that makes viewing this video worthy.

If you ever really wanted to know what SOME of those in the public think of what you do and how you do it, here is your chance to find out. It is quite the rant starting at about 2:45 in the video and continuing throughout. The focus is on a hose stretched to what appears to be Side C of the apartment and the videographer and “Waldo” blasting, cussing and mocking the firefighters for not using it. It should be noted that there are firefighters inside the structure at the time and later you see water coming out of the burning apartment that these fire analysts want them to throw water into. At one point you hear one of the men saying the fire would go out much faster if they were shooting water on it from both the inside and the outside at the same time.

One of my favorite quotes is in the headline: “They could have put this $%#* out a long time ago man if they just used that %[email protected]!*ing hose.”

I will let you be the judge if that’s the case.

The pair get quite excited at 19:15 into the video when water is sprayed from the outside.

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