Private parts: Sex prank at Houston fire station under investigation.

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As we all know, Firehouse pranks come in a variety forms. Rhett Fleitz has compiled a whole bunch of them for through the years, including this very innocent and funny recent dish washing prank from Contra Costa, California.

But a prank in Houston is making headlines and has Jeffrey Caynon, the president of the Houston Professional Firefighters Association, telling KHOU-TV, “We have a storied history in the fire service in terms of pranks and jokes. But I think everybody understands that there’s a limit and where that limit is.”

I am guessing if eveyone really did understand the limit, Houston’s Office of Inspector General wouldn’t be investigating some of the members (or at least one of the member’s members) of Houston Fire Department Station 29.

Details from Rucks Russell at KHOU-TV:

HFD sources told KHOU 11 News that the incident occurred last month at Fire Station 29.  According to sources, it involved a firefighter who allegedly placed his privates or a sex object on the back and neck area of another firefighter.

Sources said the incident may have been intended as a prank, but it prompted an official complaint and an OIG investigation.

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