Radio traffic: Man trapped in burning car near closed fire station. Brown-out controversy in Lexington, KY.

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In Lexington, Kentucky yesterday afternoon, a 53-year-old man was trapped in a burning car one block from a fire station closed for the day because of budget cuts. Recently the fire chief said the brown-outs will continue to 2014.


On the police radio tape, you hear officers repeatedly telling the dispatcher to tell firefighters to step it up, that the fire was spreading, and it was just too big and difficult to fight with fire extinguishers.

The good Samaritans say the victim was extremely lucky the accident happened near a nursing home that was equipped with plenty of fire extinguishers.  If not, they believe the 53-year-old man would have burned to death because the fire was spreading so quickly before firefighters arrived more than seven minutes later.

Fire Station No. 7, located just a block away, was closed due to city ordered brown-outs.

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