Raw video: House fire and much more from Detroit.

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Above is BoxAlarmDetroit‘s video of a house fire on Central Avenue in Detroit yesterday.

This is as good of a time as any to catch up on other Detroit news and videos I have been slow in getting to. We did share with you Wednesday the Charlie LeDuff story about the controversy over the new boots purchased for firefighters. What we failed to tell you about is the story the week before of all the much needed toilet paper that was sent to the Detroit Fire Department. Below is that story.

We also never posted the video (and fireground audio) from Steve Redick’s recent trip to Detroit. That is below. And if you are looking for a good Christmas or Hanukkah gift giving mood, don’t forget Steve’s wonderful books featuring his photos from Chicago (click here).

Speaking of photos, Dennis Walus sent me this superb article by Bill McGraw posted Thursday at Deadline Detroit about 75-year-old Bill Eisner who is still going strong after 50-years of documenting the Detroit Fire Department.  Make sure you take a moment to read it.

And, of course, Dennis has a few photographs himself of the Detroit Fire Department in action. Detroit Fireground Images by Dennis Walus can be found here.

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