Quick Takes: December 10, 2012.

Arrival video in Thiells, NY: A small fire a week ago at the pump house for the Philip J. Rotella Golf Course in Thiells (Rockland County). Video from babiangelk18.

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Jack Peltier: We are sorry to learn this morning of the passing yesterday of one of the early supporters of STATter911.com and me personally. FireEngineering.com calls Jack Peltier from Massachusetts “one of the great fire instructors of all time”. Jack was brilliant guy who will be greatly missed. You can read more about Jack Peltier here and here.

Please don’t miss my favorite post from the weekend: If you haven’t read it yet, check out the story on the 40th anniversary of the crash of United Flight 553 in Chicago. While the incident is often remembered for connections to the Watergate scandal, The Washington Post’s Tom Jackman took a different angle for this anniversary, tracking down one of the survivors from Virginia who is with us today thanks to a Chicago firefighter. Click here.

Two drunk drivers converge at same scene leaving a firefighter/paramedic & civilian injured: Check out this one from Palm Bay, Florida where one drunk driver is being treated in his car stopped in the roadway when a second one plows through the scene.

Washington, DC women is struck & killed by fire engine in Lexington, KY: Glenn Usdin’s FireTruckBlog.com has that story from the weekend.

Also from Lexington: A man trapped in his burning car near a closed firehouse has brought attention to the continuing brown-outs in Lexington. Check it out.

Busy Eastern Shore arsonist: There have been close to 30 fires set in the last month in Accomack County, Virginia. Check out the stories here and here.

Fire chief tries to deal with fallout from pair of firefighters charged with arson: In Missouri, Fuitland Fire Department Chief Dean Riley tries to figure out what went wrong and deal with the image of his department after two of his firefighters were arrested. Here’s the article.

Yank prank causes sexual probe: Yes, I really wrote that. Sorry. But here’s the story from Houston, Texas.

Did you hear the one about the rabbi & the Con Ed worker?: Well I did. And you can too. They were both rescued by firefighters in New Rochelle, NY after an outdoor menorah lighting went bad. Happy Hannukah.

Lots of stuff from Detroit: Video from a house well off, a compilation from Steve Redick’s November visit to Detroit, a great article on a Detroit legend and so much more in this roundup of Detroit fire news.

On Broadway: It wasn’t the neon lights shining bright but the glow of the Broadway Cleaners as part of the business burned in Haverstraw, NY on Saturday. Here’s the early video.

Geezer’s got the mill fire: A big one for Spartanburg, South Carolina that is still keeping them busy. Check out Firegeezer.

A firefighter hunger strike: As I am sure you are already thinking, this can’t be a story from the United States. And it isn’t. But three firefighters in Panama are taking part in a protest. Here’s the story.

The lawyer looks at the pretty girl with the hula hoop: Curt Varone at FireLawBlog.com has the latest video problem for the folks at LAFD’s Station 63.

The NY – LA connection: NBC’s Nightly News last Thursday featured a New Orleans firefighter who has the back of those who had his back.

And finally, a free stuff for firefighters alert: Fire Cricket Rhett Fleitz knows the best way to reach firefighters, or just about anyone, is to give away free stuff. Operating under this theory Rhett is once again bribing you to read his postings. And who am I to stand between you and free things for firefighters? In the spirit of the holidays I encourage you to check out the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway by The Fire Creature and Willie Wines Jr. at Iron Firemen.com that begins on Thursday (Willie Wines Jr., really doesn’t need these gimmicks to reach an audience. He’s usually more old school in his thinking and simply provides great content at his IronFiremen.com).

Two-alarms in Vernon, CA: Video from firelensman of a half block long commercial building burning yesterday at 49th Street and Santa Fe Avenue. Here’s more.