Who ya gonna call? Well, apparently not the fire department in this case. Richmond, VA cops have the kitten thing all figured out.

All images from the Richmond Police Department. 

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Let’s give credit where credit is due on this. Some police officers in Richmond, Virginia were presented with a problem that many have seen before. But how many of you have tried this solution (it’s even better than my can of peas advice)?

They say cats always land on their feet, but two kitties stuck in a tree in Hillside Court recently were not about to find out. That’s when Richmond Police stepped in. First Precinct Officer Kelly Morley was flagged down by a resident who was concerned because the cats had been stuck in the tree for five days and they couldn’t get them down even with food. Officer Richard Chappell got the idea to stack a few city supercans as a way to help the cats down. Officers Brent Howlett and David Woods saw what he was doing and stopped to assist as well. The neighbors were so thankful for the officers’ kitty rescue and one of them took the cats in since they were strays and it was cold outside. Good work officers!

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