Arrival video: PG dropping hose at a DC house fire in 2008.

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This is a bit of an unusual find thanks to fire buff extraordinaire and personal friend Vito Maggiolo. It was posted to YouTube in August, 2008 (not sure how I missed it then) and shows a pumper from PGFD’s Bladensburg VFD (Station 809) laying out at a house fire in the 3400 block of Bladensburg Road in Northeast Washington (on the corner of 35th Street, NE). It’s a bit unusual because there is no automatic aid between DC and PG and the fire is one block inside the DC line.

I have no details or recollection of this fire. Was Bladensburg dispatched or were they following the smoke like the guy who took the video? It’s interesting to note Bladensburg pulls up to the house on the outbound side of Bladensburg Road (heading toward the county). Did they come up and turn around or were they already in DC on a transfer due to a major fire? As I have indicated, I haven’t a clue (clueless is my usual state), but I am sure there is more than one person out there who knows the answers.

It’s great no longer being a reporter. I don’t actually feel obligated to ask the questions or have any answers before posting and instead just let you sort it out among yourselves. Enjoy.

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