Must see video: Explosion at rapidly spreading fire in single-family home in Arlington, Texas.

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This is a pretty wild video from Arlington, Texas yesterday morning shot by tview07golf. The videographer, Sean Short, was driving around and followed a header of dark black smoke into the neighborhood where firefighters were dealing with a fire on the inside and outside of a single-family home. The fire spread to a second home on Side D.  At 9:46 in the video an explosion occurs that appears to be centered in the garage of the original home. It appears that no one is injured by the blast.

None of the half dozen or so articles I could find mentions that an explosion occurred. This includes at least one news organization that attached Sean Short’s video, but apparently didn’t bother to watch it.

Marcus Moore & Marjorie Owens, WFAA-TV:

Firefighters in Arlington battled a three-alarm blaze that fully engulfed one home and threatened others Wednesday morning in the 6100 block of Kelly Elliott Road.

The homeowner, who was able to escape the burning home with his dog according to fire officials, was taken to a hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.

Patrick M. Walker, Star-Telegram:

While en route, the first battalion saw how heavy the smoke was and called for a second alarm. Upon arrival, a third alarm was called as a precaution, (Arlington Fire Department spokesman Lt. Kevin) Seeton said.

“We would rather be aggressive on the front end and have extra manpower than be trying to catch up later,” he said.

Officials said the fire threatened the houses on either side of the blaze, but firefighters were able to protect them.

John Burgdorf,

According to AFD spokesman Lt. Kevin Seeton, a fire that was left unattended in the home’s fireplace overnight was determined to be the cause of the blaze. The only occupants in the home at the time were the homeowner and his dog, both of whom made it out of the house OK, according to Seeton. The homeowner was transported to a local hospital to be treated for minor smoke inhalation.

“The fire fighters did an outstanding job aggressively fighting the fire and in being proactive in protecting the homes next to the house that was involved” said Seeton. “With the amount of fire and heat, both houses would have been destroyed if the firefighters did not take action.”

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