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Judge rules firefighters made warehouse fire worse. Orders city to pay insurance company $3.7 million.

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The City of Laval, north of Montreal, Canada has been ordered by a judge to pay almost $3.7 million to Factory Mutual Insurance Company because Laval firefighters made a warehouse fire eight years ago worse by starting a second fire. The original fire was in a storage room at the Dyne-a-Pak foam plant on September 25, 2004. According to SunNews, firefighters using a saw, accidentally started a second fire:

They used a chainsaw to cut a hole in a ceiling across the hall from where the fire was raging. Sparks from the saw ignited rolls of polystyrene, causing a second fire.

It took 11 hours to put out the blaze, and the warehouse was heavily damaged.

In a Dec. 13 ruling, Judge Andre Roy agreed the chainsaw caused the second fire.

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