Raw video & radio traffic: Defensive operations ordered at Cumberland, MD house fire with exposures.

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This is video shot by cumberlandsmagic1005 on Friday morning of a house fire that spread to exposures in the 400 block of Grand Avenue in Cumberland, Maryland. Radio transmissions captured on the video indicate a little confusion in the move to defensive operations. At 1:42 you hear a rather animated message, “Bucket shut your line down, there are people in the building”.  The airhorns sound at 2:55.

Michael A. Sawyers, Cumberland Times News:

“We tried an internal attack, but had to back out,” said Cumberland Fire Chief Donnie Dunn at the scene. A steady wind of about 20 mph was the culprit that helped damage the second structure, according to Dunn.

Numerous companies were called to assist the battle of the blaze in a neighborhood with tightly packed houses. One fire hose was attached to a hydrant at Third and Race and stretched a block and a half via alleys and side streets to the fire scene.

More video Cumberland-Times News video from the fire here.

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