Dash-cam, helmet-cam, fireground audio: House fire in Carlisle, Pennsylvania where young firefighter suffered a heart attack.

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Our first video for 2013 is from Carlisle, Pennsylvania (Cumberland County). SAT6767 posted it New Year’s Eve but it was from a house fire on Thornwood Lane on December 11. That fire received some attention because Firefighter Christopher Darhower, 29, suffered a heart attack due to a blocked artery. An interview with Firefighter Darhower three days later is below (sorry I missed this story when it occurred).

On a side note, looking at the original articles about the house fire, the headline in a local paper caught my attention because it gives the dog that died in the fire top billing over the firefighter hospitalized with trouble breathing. I like dogs too, but come on. Sorry to start 2013 off by ticking off dog lovers.

It wasn’t just The Patriot-News that thinks a dead dog trumps an injured firefighter (click here). Maybe my news judgment sucks after being away from it for a while, but I would put the firefighter first.

Anyway, back to the fire. Here’s the description with the video above:

Dash and helmet cam of a working fire in a one story single family dwelling with Collyer Mansion conditions. The fire was ruled accidental in nature. One firefighter injury (cardiac related) and the dog perished in the fire.

abc27 WHTM

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