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A STATter911 video contributor makes the big time. Huff Post features a year on Scott Ziegler’s lid in Highland Park, Michigan.

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More on Firefighter Ziegler and his helmet-cam from DeadlineDetroit.com 

We’ve been featuring HPZ1442‘s helmet-cam videos from the overworked and understaffed Highland Park Fire Department in Michigan for some time now. The clips are always interesting and incite discussion in the comments section. A little more than an hour ago the world was introduced to the lens work of HPZ1442 and his not so secret identity. Firefighter Scott Ziegler’s 2012 roundup was posted at 5:00 PM EST on the very popular news site HuffingtonPost.com. Here’s some of what Huff Post wrote about one of the hardest working firefighters in America:

Detroit continues to struggle to fight fires throughout the city. As budget cuts continue to weaken the fire department, recent documentary “BURN: One Year on the Front Line of the Battle to Save Detroit” recently brought the dangerous conditions the city’s firefighters face to light.

But Highland Park, located with Detroit’s borders, grapples with similar problems. Firefighter Scott Ziegler took it upon himself to show what it’s like for a firefighter on the job, pulling together clips from a year on his own front line taken with a camera affixed to his helmet.

Hopefully Scott’s helmet with camera attached will still fit after this and he will still remember us here at this little website. I wonder if Huff Post has its own KICs? I guess we shall soon find out. Congratulations Scott!

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