UPDATED – Helmet-cam: House fire in Delaware County, PA. Additional video added.

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UPDATE: We have added additional early video from the fire. Thanks to David LeBlanc at BackstepFirefighter.com for alerting us to the video.

Video above from OneNineTruck aboard Lansdowne Fire Company Truck 19 at a house fire early New Year’s Day in Yeadon, Pennsylvania (Delaware County). The fire was reported just after 3:00 AM on Lincoln Avenue.

Excerpt from Lansdowne Fire Company website:

Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital  Paramedic Pete Bochanski (who is also LFCO Rescue Lieutanant) was driving in the area and discovered the fire.  Lt. Bochanski was able to rescue the homeowner who was trapped on the porch roof prior to the arrival of fire units.  Chief 16-9 (DiIenno) requested a second alarm prior to arrival due to heavy fire conditions reported by EMS units on scene.  Truck 19, staffed with six, arrived first in and was greeted by fire throughout the original fire building, rapidly spreading to the adjoining twin.  Crews simultaneously began a search of the adjoining twin to ensure all occupants were out, and began preparing for master-stream operations.  Pipeline 19 arrived shortly thereafter and secured  a hydrant and supplied Quint 3’s ladder pipe.  A third alarm was struck by Command for ember control due to a large amount of embers falling several blocks east and north of the fire location.

Timothy Logue, DelcoTimes.com:

“It took a little while because there was a bit of a language barrier, but the paramedic (Pete Bochanski of Mercy Fitzgerald) eventually convinced him to jump,” Diienno said. “He was probably 15 feet off the ground and the paramedic, who’s a pretty big guy, caught him.”

The second scare occurred a short time later when 49 Lincoln Ave. became unstable while seven firefighters from Darby and Sharon Hill were on the second and third floors of the adjoining home.

“They were doing a good job holding it off (47 Lincoln), but I could see the conditions were deteriorating. And I pulled them out just before the roof collapsed,” Diienno said. “It was such relief when I saw the firemen come out of that house. If I had kept them in there a minute longer, we would have had firemen trapped.”

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