Raw video: Cat rescued from third floor of burning Michigan apartment building.

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By the time the video above was taken, Ann Arbor, Michigan Firefighter Jason Gravelle had already brought one cat down a ladder from a second floor window of the burning building at the Schooner Cover Apartments in Ypsilanti Township this afternoon. That’s when a woman spotted another cat. This one was in a third floor apartment and according to Kyle Feldsher at AnnArbor.com, it was playing a lot harder to get:

The fire burned through the ceiling and as far as we could get in was leaning through the window by way of the ladder,” he (Gravelle) said. “There was a desk right there and the cat was kind of hiding under the desk.” 

“We couldn’t go in because the room was on fire and they were hitting it with the aerials on top and, fortunately, the cat finally realized he wanted to come out.” 

Gravelle said the roof started to fall in and a large piece of drywall coming loose and hitting the floor was the last bit of convincing the kitty needed to come into his hands. 

Speaking to AnnArbor.com about an hour after the rescue, Gravelle shrugged the incident off. The ceiling was collapsing, debris was falling in the room and Gravelle was reaching under a desk to save a cat. 

“Yeah,” he said. “Nothing major.” 

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