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You’ll want to see this: Teenagers throw snowballs at firefighters on a fireboat. Guess what happens.

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(NOTE: A comment to STATter911.com claims that this is actually a bridge cleaning crew. There is no correction on the original story from the Daily Mail, but there are a number of comments from readers also indicating these aren’t firefighters but are a crew working for Leeds City Council to clear the underside of the bridge of debris. So much for believing a UK tabloid. Still it’s funny.) 

Daily Mail:

This group of excitable youngsters need to learn to pick their battles after they started a snowball fight with a group of firefighters and ended up completely soaked.

New footage has emerged online showing a gang during Britain’s latest cold snap causing trouble in what is believed to be Leeds.

The video shows a firefighter standing on a boat about to use a giant hose when a cheeky teenager on a bridge above throws a snowball that hits him on the head.

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