Raw video: Fatal fire in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

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Video by Matt Gregoire () of Providence Fire Videos¬†from a fatal fire early this morning in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Here’s Matt’s description:

Shortly after 6am on Tues January 22, 2013, a call reporting a house fire on Boulevard Avenue came into the Lincoln Fire Alarm office. Upon arrival, heavy fire was showing from the basement. One of the occupants, an elderly male reported to fire officials that his wife was still inside. Firefighters attempted to enter the house but due to heavy gas fed fire conditions, they were forced out of the building. The elderly woman was later found on the 1st floor.

Besides heavy fire conditions, firefighters were also hampered by frigid temperatures. It took almost 3 hours to bring the fire under control.


Homeowner Henry Barry, 90, made it out of the house but his wife, Jeannette Barry, did not survive the fire.

Henry Barry was in the basement when the fire broke out. His wife was in the bedroom on the first floor. “I went upstairs to try to get her, the fire was too much, I managed to get the door open to let some of the smoke out, but couldn’t get back in, I had cell phone and called 9-1-1,” he said.¬†