Raw video & radio traffic: Mayday at three-alarm Allentown, PA restaurant fire. Five firefighters hurt at Youell’s Oyster House.

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FireCritic.com has more video of fire from Mike Nester, Nester Video Productions

Video above by Newsworking’s Bill Rohrer from a fire early this morning at Youell’s Oyster House in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Here’s some of what Bill wrote about the fire:

Firefighters responded to a report of smoke from a restaurant at 4:20 AM today and on arrival found heavy smoke pushing from the Youell’s Oyster House at 23rd and Walnut Streets.

The fire escalated to 3 alarms. The fire consumed the entire structure. At 6:46 AM, a mayday went out when a wall collapsed on three firefighters.

Below is some of the radio traffic from Dan Clerico at NortheastBravest.com. You hear the mayday at the end of this video. There is more video at the bottom of this post from Jayson Wagner.


Tracy Jordan & Manuel Gamiz, The Morning Call:

A multi-alarm fire destroyed Youell’s Oyster House restaurant in the west end of Allentown early Tuesday as firefighters struggled against sub-freezing temperatures and raging flames.

Five firefighters were taken to local hospitals with injuries.


Two firefighters who entered the burning structure at 2249 W. Walnut St. suffered burns and were treated and released from St. Luke’s Hospital-Allentown. Two other firefighters were injured when an exterior wall partially collapsed on them, and one firefighter slipped on the ice rushing to their aid.