Fire Chief says ‘Not our problem’. Two closest fire companies refuse response as two AZ homes burn in area without fire protection.

Tucson News Now

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One of the homeowners says, “This isn’t the American way, not to help someone out.”  One of the fire chiefs says, “Too many people have the mentality that the government is going to provide service for them and they’re oblivious until the fire happens.”

Two different views on a fire over the weekend that destroyed two homes in Picacho in Arizona’s Pinal County. It’s an area that does not have fire protection. According to news reports, when the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department got the 911 call it first asked the Eloy Fire District to respond three miles from the fire, but outside the fire district where no one pays for fire protection. Eloy declined.

The same answer came from Regional Fire about 20 minutes away. In the end, Avra Valley Fire was the only department to respond and its firefighters had a 30-mile drive.

Tucson News Now:

“It’s like everything I had I don’t have anymore,” said Edward Ortiz.

His home is now a pile of ashes. Next door, Bruce Martan also lost everything including the home his deceased father built.

“If they would’ve responded 3 miles away to send their resources. One truck would’ve put this out in 5 minutes,” said Martan.

(Reporter) Matt Mendes asked “There’s an ethical question. If you guys are 3 miles away and there’s another fire station 30 miles away?”

Eloy Fire Chief Coy Amerson: “Not our problem. Sorry, but you’re not in the district you’re not our problem.”

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