Raw video: Roof team uses ladder to bridge gap to adjacent building to make escape at duplex fire in Montreal.

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Click here for video from CTV Montreal

Video above from Pascal Marchand of a three-alarm fire in a duplex on Wednesday that took the life of a teenaged girl in a building at 15th Ave and Crémazie E in St-Michel in Montreal. (Video below from Vincent Ashby.)

Here’s an excerpt from the description:

After burning for over an hour firemen were told to evacuate the building. Some were trapped on the roof and had to escape to the next building with the help of a ladder.

CTV Montreal

“At one point, we had to retreat,” said Montreal Fire Department fire chief Martin Farmer.

Once the fire was under control, firefighters performed an exhaustive search of the home.

They discovered someone unconscious in a room on the first floor toward the back of the house. Firefighters believe the blaze broke out on the first floor.