Early video: House fire in Malone, New York.

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Video from Dylan195260 of a fire on Main Street in Malone, NY yesterday afternoon. Excerpt from the description with the video:

Two MVPD officers arrived on scene to find a male hanging from a window trying to escape the blaze. The two officers and local fire fighters were able to reach the man and get him down without further harm though he had to be transported to Alice Hyde Hospital for treatment.


One person had to be rescued from a second floor apartment. The person was taken to Alice Hyde Hospital. Their condition is unknown.

The fire also sent a firefighter to the hospital with a hand injury.

Fire officials say the structure’s balloon frame construction was part of the reason the fire spread so quickly.

“It got into the walls and spread up and down. Both ways in the structure, up into the attic and then from the attic to the main part of the house. It’s a labor intensive overhaul operation,” said Malone Fire Chief Brian Gokey.