New fire chief makes impression in Plano, TX, Brian Crawford helps save man in cardiac arrest.

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A 53-year-old man in Plano, Texas survived sudden cardiac arrest thanks to the city’s new fire chief and others. Brian Crawford, who arrived in Plano at the beginning of December after a long career in Shreveport, Louisiana, was off-duty working out at the Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center around 8:30 PM Wednesday night when the man collapsed. Crawford assisted Patrick McGill, a recreation center employee, who had started CPR.

Bailey McGowan, WFAA-TV:

A City of Plano employee alerted Crawford, and he was able to help the rec center’s employees and a Plano doctor administer CPR.

The team used one of the center’s three Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and the patron was awake and speaking with Crawford by the time Plano-Fire Rescuers arrived on the scene some five minutes later.

The patron was transferred to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Plano and is in stable condition Thursday while undergoing tests, according to a press release.

Ray Villeda, KXAS-TV:

“One of the city employees who I work with, knew I was in the gym…told me someone working out had gone down actually so I came over,” Crawford said. “I’m already yelling at the staff, or anyone that will listen to me, get the AED and call 911!”

“As soon as he opened his eyes, I whispered in his ear and I said can you tell me what your name is,” Crawford said. “He told me his first name, kind of asked me what happened, asked him if he knew where he was, he said I’m at the fitness center.”

Plano Fire-Rescue Medical Director Dr. Mark Gamber credits the staff at the Muehlenbeck Center with their quick action in calling 911, performing CPR and using the AED.

“When a citizen experiences cardiac arrest, chest compression and AED use are the most important factors in saving their life,” Dr. Gamber said. “This gentleman survived thanks to the rapid action of Chief Crawford and other Plano citizens.”

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