A report from the Man Cave: Restaurant fire in South Hadley, MA.

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As we have pointed out often on STATter911.com, everyone is a reporter these days. The Internet and social media gives that opportunity to anyone who is interested in sharing news with the rest of us. One of my favorite citizen journalists is Kenny Rogers. Not the “You’ve got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them” Kenny Rogers, but still a star in his own right. He’s the man who brings the world Man Cave news from his home in Massachusetts.

On Monday, Kenny ventured out of the cave to report on a restaurant fire in South Hadley. As usual, Rogers has some fire department in action video with his own unique narration, complete with multiple on camera standups. For comparison, we’ve added the more traditional TV report from WWLP-TV (below).

As for the fire, here’s what another reporter, Patrick Johnson with The Republican wrote:

District 1 Fire Chief Robert Authier said Tuesday that the cause of a Monday night fire that destroyed a building at 24 Bridge St.was the result of accidental ignition from a plumber’s torch

Authier said some licensed plumbers were doing work on some pipes during the day, and heat from their torch apparently started a fire. He said it smoldered for hours before spreading into the ceiling and igniting into the blaze that consumed the building.

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