Close call video: Firefighter knocked down during explosion at school fire in Vancouver, WA.

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Interesting video from Noah Patraw of a three-alarm fire early this morning that destroyed Crestline Elementary School in Vancouver, Washington. As you will see in the brief clip, an explosion occurs that results in one firefighter either being knocked down or falling to the ground while trying to get away from the blast. One firefighter was injured during the fire but it isn’t clear if the explosion caused the injury. 

While there were no details in any of the articles I have read about the fire, radio communications heard on the video refers to it as a backdraft, “Command from Truck 5, we’ve just had a big backdraft on the left side”.

Evan Sernoffsky, KGW-TV:

Officials said the blaze broke out around 3:17 a.m. at the school on Southeast 7th Street, which quickly ripped through the building rendering it a complete loss.

Firefighters from Vancouver and Portland battled the blaze that burned well into late Sunday morning. One firefighter was reportedly injured while battling the blaze and was treated and released.

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