Early video: House fire in Somerville, NJ with man burned.

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Video from Jim T of a house fire around 10:30 this morning at 123 West Orchard Street in Somerville, New Jersey. Investigators say the fire started when a 69-year-old man was smoking a cigarette while breathing from an oxygen tank. News reports indicate that man suffered severe burns to his face and hands.

At about 2:21 on video 2 there is a small explosion toward the front of the house. According to news reports, there were also about a dozen long rifles stored in the home.

Steve Strunsky, The Star-Ledger:

“Not a good idea,” said Capt. George Fazio of the Somerville Police. “It’s an extremely dangerous act.”

The burned man, James Flood, was flown to a local hospital by a State Police helicopter that landed at nearby Somerville High School, about a block from the West Orchard Street fire, Fazio said.