Firefighter fun in the snow. Hudson, NY chief says towing firefighters through streets won’t happen again.

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Click here for WRGB-TV raw video of Hudson firefighters on Warren Street

There’s a fair amount of reaction in the Hudson, New York area after WRGB-TV showed video of firefighters being towed behind an SUV on snow covered Warren Street. The City of Hudson Fire Department is located at 520 Warren Street and, listening to the audio, it appears the TV station picked that location for a snow live shot Friday evening when this video was captured.

Probably the reaction that matters most is from Hudson’s fire chief who issued a statement, “That’s a sight that will never be seen again on Warren Street” and that they are dealing with it internally.

Having run YouTube video of firefighters doing the same thing happening in the Washington area three-years-ago (and getting chewed, some of it justified, in a letter from the president of the fire company for running the story), I already know what the reaction will be to something like this and I wasn’t dissapointed. Below are excerpts from a sampling of comments posted to the TV station’s Facebook page (here’s more from Firefighter Nation which alerted me to the issue). But before that, for what it’s worth, let me give you my reaction.

If you ran a call where someone was seriously injured doing this, most likely you would talk among yourselves about how stupid the people are and the cops might cite the driver for traffic violations. Don’t be insulted when the public says that about you and thinks you should be ticketed. Also, the excuses, as some have made in the comments, that it’s okay for firefighters to do this because they have been so overworked because of the snow or that they see so many horrible things, will only take you so far. Congratulations to the Hudson chief for not even trying to make excuses.

That said, I know some firefighters are going to do this for fun anyway. My question is why in the world would you do it in front of a TV station’s camera or, as we’ve also seen, post it yourself to YouTube? To me, that is more stupid than the actual act. Can’t anyone think beyond the moment to what is likely to happen next? And by the way, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, these days, there will always be cameras around.

As promised, here are the comments:

It may seem like fun, but fun can easily turn into tragedy. As a firefighter, he is a person all look up to including kids. He knows better!

This is totally wrong, a child sees this on tv and thinks a fireman can do it why not me! All they needed was a car going the other way and slide. Then it would not be so fun. Especically for a fireman he should know better.

These guys risk there lives everyday…I didnt need to be brought into the spot light that for a few moments they had some fun give it a reat and get a life…OR do what they do everyday either or SHUT UP!

Hey CBS when you start going into a houses that are on fire to save someones life or help another just because then maybe half of what you show on your news will matter but if you ask me you are like the little sister that ran and told mom every time the boys were jumping on the bed “mommy!” “mommy!”…..really you have nothing better to talk about you people and what you have to say and show is getting more and more useless every day. GO GET A LIFE!

Our emergency workers are underpaid, under appreciated and over worked. I don’t doubt this was a rare, quiet moment for them.  I say, if it helps them blow off steam and have a little fun in the midst of chaos, who are we to give them a hard time!

Soooo…. the question here seems to be how bad an influence for our children this was after the media made sure that every child in a fifty mile radius saw it?

These guys see crap you couldn’t dream up in your worst nightmare if this is how they deal with it so be it.

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