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Early raw video: Bridgeport, CT police cover firefighters as they rescue woman from burning home after initial report indicated shots fired.

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WTIC Radio:

It was a wild scene in Bridgeport after an initial report of shots fired in a home. When police arrived on Roberts Street around 9:30, they encountered fire.

Upon arrival, firefighters found a woman hanging out a third-floor window. She was rescued. Due to the reports of gunfire, firefighters had to attack from the outside until police gave the all clear. That’s when officers found a man on the third floor, who they took out through the rear of the home.


“This was a fluid, fast-moving situation and our police officers and firefighters did an outstanding job,” Mayor Bill Finch said.

Police initially went to 158 Robert St. to investigate reports of shots fired.

But then a fire broke out and firefighters were called to the scene in time to see an unidentified woman exiting a third-floor window.

The fire department used a ladder to rescue her but could not enter the house until police probed the possible shooting.

The city’s SWAT team searched the first floor. They forced a door on the second story and found an unidentified man with burns lying on the floor.

Fire Chief Brian Rooney praised his crew for not hesitating to help the woman despite the possibility an armed suspect was there.


A man is in critical condition and a woman has been rescued after emergency workers responded to 158 Roberts St. in Bridgeport for report of gunshots, then fire at house, according to Bridgeport police.

The police and fire departments, as well as the National Guard, responded and treated this as an active shooter situation, but police said on Wednesday afternoon that it doesn’t appear that there was a gun.

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