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More snow troubles: Hartford, CT firefighters under investigation for video of kids jumping off nearby library roof.

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This story sure is different. I don’t recall anything similar that I’ve posted to STATter911.com or covered in my career. It brings up some interesting questions about the role of firefighters. Hartford, Connecticut firefighters at Engine 8 are under investigation because of a YouTube video that city officials believe was shot from the second floor of the firehouse. It shows kids jumping off a one story roof of the public library across the street into snow banks.

Ilana Gold, WVIT-TV:

The Fire Chief saw the video and demanded an investigation right away. He wanted to know if his nearby firefighters took the video, and why they did nothing to stop it.

The group behind the camera cheered on the kids as they jumped from the roof of the city library into deep snow banks that covered the sidewalks. They even commented on possible injuries.

The city needed to know if firefighters at the Frog Hollow Fire Station across the street were behind the recording. It was the only building in the area that could provide the camera angle. Officials also needed to know why the men stayed inside and laughed instead of stopping the kids from getting hurt.

The city was taking a close look and listen to the video to figure out if firefighters were a part of this and who they were.

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