Another sex in firehouse story. This time the public breaks in to do it. Louisville, KY firefighters talk about a very unusual day at work. News, Weather

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The noise woke Louisville Fire Department firefighters around 4:00 Saturday morning. At first they thought the trash hauler for the dumpster had come early. Sgt. Douglas Hepner went to investigate. As he slid down the pole he saw a man jump through a firehouse window from the outside and start running through the station. That sparked an all hands search through the firehouse for the intruder. This story ends in a way that I am sure will be legend in the Louisville Fire Department for decades to come.

Matt McCutcheon, WAVE-TV:

“It looked like he jumped head first through the window. The glass shattered and he came in head first and I just saw him take off running,” said Hepner.

“Once we found out the intruder was still in the firehouse, all members searched the firehouse very rapidly and that’s when I came across him,” Davenport said.

Down a long hallway they found him in the locker room.

“That’s where I found him sitting on the floor,” Davenport said. He actually made the odd discovery.

A police report said Nicholas Gonzales, 27, was found in the midst of a sex act when he was found.

“He never even acknowledged I was there,” said Davenport. “He continued his lewd act and that’s when I grabbed him by his shirt and drug him out.”

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