Explosion caught on video: Propane blast on roof of apartment building under construction in Jacksonville, Florida.

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This fire occurred eight days ago at an apartment building under construction in Jacksonville, Florida. This video capture a pretty sizable explosion from one of the propane tanks on the roof. You can see the tank venting pretty clearly at around 7:40 and the blast occurs about 10 seconds later.


The State Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of a fire that consumed the rooftop of an apartment complex under construction at St. Johns Town Center on Tuesday.

Hundreds of nearby shoppers watched as the Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department searched for workers who they believed were trapped in the five-story building.

More than 60 firefighters began battling the fire just before 4 p.m. and Action News was told it was under control within 15 minutes.

JFRD spokesman Tom Francis says the early investigation leads to propane tanks as the cause of those blasts. The tanks are part of construction equipment used to heat foam to build a rooftop deck. That equipment was likely used earlier in the day.

Although the timeline still not clear to investigators, they tell Action News that work on the roof wrapped at 3:30, so workers were already on their way home and no injuries were reported.

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